Honorary Board of Directors

Solutions Brigade Board of Directors

Mr. Arish U. Khan

Mr. Aarish U. Khan is an accomplished specialist in the fields of communication, research, and development with over 17 years of relevant experience. He is currently working as the Editor of the research journal Regional Studies at the Institute of Regional Studies (IRS), Islamabad. Alongside his commitments at IRS, Mr. Khan is a senior executive on the board of an Islamabad-based not-for-profit organization CODE PAKISTAN established in May 2014. For more on the work of CODE PAKISTAN, please click here. Previously, Mr. Khan has worked as a Research Analyst at IRS and as a Political Specialist at a high profile diplomatic mission in Islamabad. He has also worked at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), wherein he authored SIPRI’s Policy Paper No. 11 titled The Terrorist Threat and Policy Response in Pakistan. Mr. Khan has traveled extensively all over Pakistan and has also traveled to China, India, Iran, Norway, Sweden, Thailand, the United Kingdom (UK), and the United States (U.S.). He is an admirer of nature’s wonders and an avid reader.