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Anashka Saif started as a freelancer in 2014 and in no time made it to one the leading freelancers in Pakistan over international platforms like Upwork and PeoplePerHour. This was the beginning of her journey while she was also doing her ACCA and on the motherhood way. Married at the age of 18 nothing has stopped her from following her dreams and passions. 

By 2017, Anashka found Solutions Brigade and started laying the foundations for other brain children namely: Estationaryshop and flutterby.co. Being a serial entrepreneur it didn’t stop over there for her and established a travel tourism company Be MY Guest travel and tourism in 2018 as well. Beside this travel company she also started her blog “Anashka Writes” on YouTube to empower more people and spread light and positivity. Being a mother to 5 years old son it’s her dream to  bring out the best in her son as well and for that she has launched a new start-up for her son “Wobly.co” to encourage entrepreneurship in children from a young age. 

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